Meet the Owner

I’m Laurel, lover of all things chocolate, baking, traveling, exercise and self improvement. 

After ten years in education, I decided it was time to follow my dreams to own my own business. I’ve always had the desire to have my own business, but nothing seemed to fit. Through personal trials and self discovery I have found that jewelry always helped me feel beautiful and has been a daily reminder to love who I am. 

I want you to remember your beauty and worth through our pieces as well. It’s easy for us to forget to love ourselves, but we are the most important person we can love. When we truly love who we are, we can love and care for others more fully. 

The simplicity of our collection allows you to wear them with any outfit, so you can have a pretty reminder to love you everyday. 

Feel free to email or message me on any of my social media accounts. I’d love to hear from you!